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Texture and Detail

3D lace with pale gold edging,  full tulle godets and soft draped sleeve.


This  gown features stunning 3D lace with pale gold edging, full tulle godets, and soft draped sleeves, creating a soft, rich and whimsical look.

The centerpiece of this dress is the  3D lace with pale gold edging. The delicate lace is also highlighted by extra hand placed pieces to the bodice to create a greater senseof depth and dimension.  The pale gold edging adds a touch of contrast against the lace and enhancing the overall regal aesthetic.


Adding drama and movement to the gown are the full tulle godets. These voluminous panels of tulle are strategically placed throughout the skirt, to add volume, movement and overall softness as you walk.


This is an ex runway/photoshoot dress, so will have wear, and is sold as is. All our runway dresses are finished to the same standard as our custom made dresses and are cleaned, pressed and steamed. Feel free to contact us for any further details, photos or questions.


We currently offer free shipping!

Size 12-14

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