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Vintage Boho

A boho inspired chiffon dress featuring a delicate 3D lace insert on the front.


The dress is in two parts with a straight satin shift and chiffon over dress, offering a soft, romantic look. 


The chiffon overdress drapes gently over the satin shift, creating an elegant and dreamy silhouette. Its flowy nature adds a sense of movement and whimsy to your every step, while the straight satin shift provides a structured foundation for a sophisticated touch.


The standout feature of this dress is the delicate 3D lace insert adorning the front. This exquisite lace detailing adds depth and texture to the ensemble, creating a captivating visual effect. The intricate lace patterns bring a bohemian and romantic vibe, perfectly complementing the overall design.

This is an ex runway/photoshoot dress, so will have wear, and is sold as is. All our runway dresses are finished to the same standard as our custom made dresses and are cleaned, pressed and steamed. Feel free to contact us for any further details, photos or questions.


Accessories not included.


We currently offer free shipping


Size 8-10

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