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Modern Vintage Style

3d Lace top with wide belt,  plunging back and detachable train.


The focal point of this dress is the intricately designed 3D lace top. The raised leaf pattern creates a stunning visual effect, adding depth and dimension to the garment, and a more modern 'lace' option.


Adding definition and refinement is the wide belt that cinches the waist. This feature accentuates your curves and creates a flattering silhouette, while also adding a touch of sophistication and polish. The belt serves as a stylish accessory that completes the overall look of the dress, enhancing its visual appeal.


The plunging back of this dress adds a hint of sensuality and allure. The open back design elegantly showcases your skin, creating a striking contrast against the cisp white lace and makes a bold statement. This feature adds an unexpected element of drama and ensures a memorable entrance from any angle.


For those seeking versatility, the detachable train offers the option to transform your look. The blunt cut train adds a sense of formality, flowing gracefully behind you as you walk. However, should you prefer a more streamlined silhouette or desire a different look for the reception, the train can be easily detached, allowing you to transition effortlessly.


This is an ex runway/photoshoot dress, so will have wear, and is sold as is. All our runway dresses are finished to the same standard as our custom made dresses and are cleaned, pressed and steamed. Feel free to contact us for any further details, photos or questions.


We currently offer free shipping!


Size 14 - 16

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