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I'm thinking about getting something made, what do I do?
The first step is to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation. Bring any pictures, drawings or just ideas. We will discuss design, fabrics, budget and any other considerations.
Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes you do, in order for us to give you our undivided attention.

How far in advance would I need to book in?

As soon as possible. We do book out quickly,  especially in peak wedding seasons.

I have a picture of a dress/garment. How much will it cost to get it made/altered?
As each dress is custom made there are many factors which go into estimating the cost. The style, fabric and fitting is different for each garment and can affect the amount of work. Much of this also applies to alterations, which is why we prefer to see you in the garment to give a more acurate estimate.

Is it cheaper to get a dress/garment made than to buy one?
No. A custom made garment is unique and made specifically to your size, shape and design. Each garment is cut by hand, fitted to you and handmade to your individual specifications. Buying from a retail store you are buying a stock size and design.

Our charge is for making your garment. You pay separately for the fabrics and embellishments. This allows you to choose the fabric and budget that best suits you. 

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. This holds your booking.

We offer payment plans and we accept Eftpos and Direct Deposit. We ask that your gown is paid for before collection.


At fittings we fit your toile/gown, and make any changes required. Any design changes or embellishments made after your fabric has been cut, may change the original estimate.  So it is very important to be upfront and clear about what you like and don’t and discuss any changes with Maxcelle.

How many fittings will I need?
For custom made garments fittings are not limited. It depends on the gown and the complexity of the design or alterations as to how many are needed. Fittings for alterations are limited to half an hour.

What will I need to bring to a fitting?
The shoes you will be wearing and also any underwear or shapewear you plan to wear. This is very important and the same undergarments must be brought or worn to every fitting.

Make-up and Spray Tan
We request that you be make-up and spray tan free for each fitting as these can mark the fabrics and damage the garment.

Children are always welcome, but we do request adequate supervision, especially if you will be busy with fitting
. It is a working studio and not safe for children. 

I'm losing/gaining weight. Is that a problem?
No. We are happy to work with you and around your goals, but it is important to let us know. It is also very important that all programs stop when fittings start, as repeatedly refitting and altering your gown will damage the fabric and also affect your costs.

Can I bring a friend/relative to fittings?
Yes certainly. That is part of the fun. However, fittings require concentration on the part of the dressmaker, so we ask that any friends/relatives wait outside the fitting room until the fitting is complete.

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