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Price Guide


These prices are a general guide, as to get an accurate quote it is best to make an appointment so we can more accurately assess what you may need.

We also offer flexible payment plans for all custom garments and alterations.

Custom Made Wedding Gowns - 

Generally start at $2000, plus the cost of your chosen fabrics.

We are also happy to work within your budget, answer any questions you may have. 

Custom Made Formal Wear - 
Simple dresses usually start at $500 and again pricing depends on complexity of the style.

Wedding Dress Alterations - 
Hems - on most dresses start at $150 for multi layers, and can be less for simple gowns.

Take in/Let out - Again, this depends of the complexity of the dress. Most gowns start at $125

Bridesmaids/Formal Gowns Alterations - 
Hems on most gowns - $75 for 2 layers, +$25 for more.
ake in/Let out Basic - $85

General Pants and Skirt Hems -

$18 for everyday, eg. jeans, workwear.

$25 for formal, as these are done by hand.

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